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Chussels and AKC Reg. Brussels Griffon puppies

Home breed no puppy mills for me. What you see is what you get!, pictures, 

videos U Tube. Lovingly

hand raised babies. The most important early days and weeks of TLC. I highly 

recommend this

breeder. You will not be sorry. Hands

on approach and expert advise

make Saundra a true professional. I am honored that I have met her and 

purchased one of her

puppies. Thanks Saundra,


from Brick NJ

Rosemarie, I can not tell you how much fun it was to have you as one of my 

new parents for this litter, loved chatting with you almost everyday. It was such a

 a blessing to be able to meet you in person. I know our girl will have a fantastic 

life  and for that I am grateful. 

Vicki Graviss A little over 3 years ago, my little dog passed away. She was 14 years old. My heart was broken.

 I told myself and family that I never wanted to go through that pain again. My daughter and I were talking about

my getting another puppy. I had always liked brussel griffins and we went on the website. That's where we saw 

Saundras puppies and fell in love. After contacting Saundra, I drove 3 hours to pick up my little Maggie. Over 

the past 2 years I have found joy and love. I also have a wonderful friend in Saundra. Best experience ever.

Vicki, you have become one of my dearest friends and i love seeing maggies photos on facebook and i can not 

wait to come to Ft Myers again to see you both. 


Apryl Borges I've always wanted a smooth griffon. I planned my entire wedding by myself, made all the 

decorations, & busted my butt to prepare for it! After we got married, my husband said he would buy me a pup.

 So the search began. I found a couple on Instagram, they have Augustus, and asked them where they got 

him... Because he is precious. They referred me to Saundra. Looked her up on facebook, saw Elsa, now Cali,

 & fell in love with her first picture!!! I searched for more on puppyfind to make sure Cali wasn't an impulse buy,

 but none of the other pups were my Cali girl. Saundra made the adoption process so much easier for me, very 

knowledgable about these pups, takes VERY good care of them before they leave the nest! When we got Cali, 

she was a little scared for a few days, but we are so deeply in love with her, we wouldn't trade her for the world!

She is the best, cutest, smartest, funniest dog I have ever owned!

 I just love seeing how Cali has matured in her photos on facebook, you are doing a great job with her and she 

looks to be spoiled in every way, thanks again


Melanie Blanchard Webster Back in May, I lost my sweet 4 year old Brussels Griffon Harlo in a very violent 

way. I knew that I would have another one day. I searched multiple websites and found my sweet Diva Tilly. I 

immediately contacted Saundra to tell her I wanted her. After that, I received weekly updates on Tilly's 

progress, along with multiple pictures and videos of her with her litter mates. Saundra selected a blanket and a

 puppy bed for Tilly to use, then sent those items with Tilly so she would have something familiar from home in 

her new home. This was instrumental in helping Tilly adjust to the new environment.Saundra puts a lot of 

thought and love into the raising of her babies, and she treats her pups the way any loving mother would treat 

their own baby. I would definitely recommend Saundra to anyone who is interested in a thoroughly loved and 

spoiled baby.

Melanie, from the first phone call i knew we would hit it off and that my sweet baby would be loved endlessly in 

your home, i dont think i could have made a better home for her and i am blessed that you chose her. xoxoxo 


Andrea Noelle We searched for the perfect dog for almost ten months before coming across Augustus (formerly

Dixon from Saundra's "Walking Dead" litter) online. We immediately started corresponding with Saundra and 

fell more and more in love with him through pictures and videos. Not only did we fall in love with the puppy but

 with Saundra as well. Saundra's screening process made us feel so comfortable, we could tell how much she 

cared about the dogs and finding them the best home and the most loving parents. Being brand new to the 

Brussels Griffon community we did our research and found out Saundra has an absolutely impeccable 

reputation. Although we live 2600 miles away from Saundra we knew we had to go with her, she is so 

knowledgeable and made us feel so comfortable. Saundra was any prospective parents dream throughout the

 entire process. She answered all of our questions so thoughtfully and provided us with so many pictures and 

videos that we felt like we knew Augustus before he came home to us. When we saw him for the first time we 

couldn't believe our eyes, he was even cuter in person! Saundra also packed one of his blankets and toys from 

her home with him to help him adjust, she is so sweet and thoughtful! We have now had him for 7 months and i 

still can't believe how lucky I am. Not only is he adorable, he has the best personality which I truly believe is a 

testament to the amazing care he received the first 3 months of his life with Saundra. He is so friendly,

 incredibly smart, and well-behaved. He is the picture of perfect health and is incredibly athletic! We feel so 

blessed to have met Saundra, she made our family complete! Not only is Saundra a wonderful breeder but we

 also consider her a good friend, she has stayed in contact with us which really speaks to her loving nature and

 how much she adores and cares for the dogs. I would urge anyone who is considering adding a Brussels

 Griffon to their family to reach out to Saundra!

2 of my favorite people and one of my most loved babies, this little one hit the lotto when you called me to

 adopt, i dont think i have ever had anyone ask me as many questions about the puppy in all my years of

 breeding but i was excited to answer each one of them, it made me feel like you knew what you wanted and 

was going to make the best parents for this little man, i follow his adventures on instagram and so does alot of 

people. I am super proud to count you both as family, xoxoxox saundra

Anna Marie Repko Maguire I met Saundra 3 years ago looking for a baby to fill my empty nest. She was warm

 and welcoming and not only added Abby to our family but 6 months later Timmy. They are healthy happy pups

. Wasnt too long after we added Saundra to our family too. She is a loving and caring person... Our nest isnt 

empty anymore!!!!

Anna, what can I say about you, you wiggled you way into my heart and there you will stay, so much more than 

a friend and an adoptive parent, more like a sister to me. nothing i would not do for you and those sweet little 

babies. xoxoxox saundra