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Gulfcoast Griffons Bill of sale,

Conditions of warranty

I understand that I am required to take my AKC puppy that I just purchased to a Veterinarian for an examination for general health within

  business days if the purchaser is to make sure that the puppy was fit for sale at time of purchase. If the puppy is found not to be fit for 3

sale at the time the purchase I understand that my Veterinarian must state in writing that the puppy was not fit for sale at the time of

 purchase, state his/her diagnosis with proof of supporting test, and the breeder has the right to have the pet re -examined by my

 Veterinarian as required by the Pet Lemon Law. Our dogs have a 1 year warranty against hereditary and/or congenital defects. If the

 Puppy is found to have a hereditary and/or congenital defect within 1 year of the purchase date listed below, I understand that I am

 required to notify the breeder and provide documentation of supporting test from a licensed veterinarian stating what the defect is. The

 Breeder again, has the right to take the puppy for a re-examination by their veterinarian. If the hereditary and/0r congenital defect is

 found, so the breeder can determine which parent carries the defective gene and therefore remove the appropriate parent from the 

breeding program. We are serious about breeding only quality, healthy puppies. Buyer understands and acknowledges that no cash refund

 or reimbursement of veterinarian fees for the initial examination will be given for any veterinary service at that time

There will be no refund or exchange for landlord disapproval , allergy, change of diet problems, diarrhea, disagreement of family, Fleas,

 mortality or for any other reason, except as covered under this warranty, There is absolutely no warranty expressed or implied that you 

will be able to use your pet for showing or breeding purposes. It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has

 been made with respect to said animal except as set forth in the warranty.

Buyer has read and understands this warranty and acknowledges that the timely submission of written and signed veterinary reports are 

conditions precedent to the effectiveness of this warranty. This understanding is express condition of sale of the puppy to the buyer.

If the puppy has been determined unfit for sale, or found to have hereditary and/ or congenital defect within the time frames outlined 

above, the buyer understands that they must return any and all registration papers or applications, health certificates, rabies tag, etc that

 was given to them at the time of purchase and they must be re-assigned to the seller before the buyer receives reimbursement for or

 exchange of the puppy.

Buyer understands that failure to abide by any of the above conditions will void the warranty and buyer will relinquish his/her rights for

 the future

All puppies that leave my home are AKC reg. and will come with papers, health cert, shots, and vet checked.

Gulfcoast Griffons Sales Agreement

Seller guarantees the puppy is in good health, is free of disease and has had the required first set of vaccinations and de-worming 

as documented on the Veterinary health certificate. The Purchaser has the right to return the puppy to the Seller within 5 business

 days from the time that the new parents receive the puppy, Only if the sellers Veterinarian examines the puppy and determines

 that the puppy is in the same condition of good health as it was at the time of the original sale. This cost will be the purchaser’s

 responsibility. In this case “only” the Purchaser will receive a “credit” in the amount of the purchase price, to be used for exchange

 of another puppy of “Equal” value if one is available. If no puppy of equal value are available at that time. The Seller will make

 every attempt to resell the puppy for the amount of the original sale, at the time of the puppy is resold the buyer will receive a

 refund of cash in the amount of the purchase price, less the non-refundable deposit and any cost that the puppy may occur while

 under Sellers care for resale. Such as vet visits and shots


Purchaser agrees to take good care and reasonable care of puppy, providing at own expense, protective vaccines as per

 veterinarians recommendations to seek veterinary care for illness or injury when indicated and to protect puppy in every way 

possible against injury and death. If for any reason the purchaser decided at any time that he or she can’t keep the puppy, they will

 notify and work with the seller to insure that the puppy goes to an approved home. Information above is declared to be true and

 both parties, seller and purchaser are in agreement. This is a legally binding contract.

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