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Chussels and AKC Reg. Brussels Griffon puppies

Shipping puppies to different states.

If you are in the state of Florida or even near by GA, I will drive the puppy to you, the cost for me 

to do that runs about $125.00 and i can only drive on the weekends. I prefer to drive them to you 

so i can see where they will be living, I have some of my past puppies living all over the state so 

so chances are i can stop by and see one of them on my way back home. I just delivered one to 

Melbourne, Gainsville, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville. If you have any questions please feel free 

to call me anytime. 727-645-3446 

Disregard the below statements, AS of 05/03/18 United airlines and other airlines will no longer be shipping cargo any Brussels Griffons. If you need shipping I will check the airlines that is the cheapest way and bring puppy myself or you are always able to come and pick them up also, ground transport is always an option. - I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane.mp3


I do ship puppies but there are restrictions on shipping and I would like to

check to make sure the airlines I use goes to the airport you are near. If we

can agree on the airport I will call and check the schedule and how much

it is to put the puppy on the plane. I can tell you in the past when i have

shipped puppies the cost runs about $295. 00 that includes, insurance,

crate, flying papers and airline ticket. I will go over all cost with you on the puppies will fly out of Tampa International Airport. I always take

the early flight for every puppy.

This helps if the weather is hot.  I use an airlines that uses a puppy safe

program and the inside is always 72 degrees however they are unloaded

and loaded from the airport so the weather is a huge factor in shipping.I

  know and you know that you want your puppy as soon as possible but I

will  never put a puppy in danger over a new owners feelings. 

Things to bring

 When picking your puppy up from the airport here are some things you will have to bring with you,

They will be of great value to you and your puppy. Most Flights last about 8 to 9 hours. Depending on

where they are going and if they have a layover. I try to get the best possible flight and the shortest.

I do not want my puppies on the plane any longer than they have to be. I can tell you that sometimes

you may have to drive to a larger airport because They have to be shipped as Cargo. This does not

mean they are cargo but that is where they are transported. Again let me say that I only  use

PUPPYSAFE PROGRAM to ship my babies.


Please first bring your I.D. They will not release the puppy if you do not have it.

Please make sure you are early for the pickup, most airlines do come in early.I would say about an

hour early to be sure. I will do my best to give you all the information you will need to pick up your

baby. Where to go and what the address is some airports have cargo picked up in a different spot

than passengers. Now take a deep breath cause this is what you will need to bring for the


Please bring a small can of beef stinky dog food. This will help his/her nose when she gets

there, the puppy will be hungry. I give them nutri-cal before they leave me in the morning and put a

small handful of doggy pellets in the crate with them. I also ask that you get a small jar of babyfood,

chicken or something bland in case they do not want the stinky dog food. I ask that you also get a

tube of nutri-cal or something that is similar to that to help with the puppy. They may be scared and

not want to eat so this is a high calorie paste that will help with that issue. It only take a small amount

for a new puppy on the top of the mouth, it gives them energy and helps with the eating.


Please bring a bottle of water and a small bowl. They may be thirsty.


This is important. Please bring baby wipes or something to clean your puppy. He/She will be in this

crate for hours and as we all know puppies have small bladders so I am sure they might have to potty


the crate and no one wants to snuggle a puppy that has poop on them. I bring an extra gallon of

water in case we have a mess and a  roll of paper towels. Thats just me, I am sure to take the extra

mile in case of accidents. lol  It may sound like a lot of things to take with you but its better to be safe

than sorry and most of this stuff you can pick up at your local Wal-mart or food store, I am sure you

will have to get the nutri-cal or store brand at a local pet store. Ask them for it and they will know what

you want. This cost is about $10.00 here in Florida. If you can not find the nutri-cal or something

similar to it you can use Dark Karo syrup. It works just fine. Again it's just something in case you need


Again Please remember to bring your ID with you. 











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